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Virto/Elcan utilizes the Only Multi-Frequency Vibrating Screener in the World Equipped with the Patented MFVexcite Component

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Virto/Elcan's technology enables customers to screen materials that were once thought to be un-screenable. It also dramatically increases throughputs and efficiencies of your existing products.

The Virto/Elcan ScreenX vibrating screener offers a continuous blind free process, which enhances the three screening factors:

DWELL TIME - Simple adjustments of the MFVexcite parameters will make the screened material travel perfectly on the screen cloth surface.

STRATIFICATION - The multi-frequency vibration creates a fluidized bed screening process which optimally stratifies the product to boost screening efficiency.

AMPLITUDE - High acceleration of the screen cloth will keep the mesh clean and enable very high throughputs

The Solution that Delivers the 4E's:

  • Efficiency - increases production by as much as 300%
  • Energy - decreases energy consumption by as much as 500%
  • Environmental - recover by-product emissions and remediate waste streams
  • Economy - lower costs by increasing yields and creating new revenue streams


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